“You Lift Me Up”

Overcoming Ministry Challenges:

This book was given to me by a great brother in Santa Fe New Mexico, Paul Scozzafava.

 What I Liked

  • The book doesn’t hold back any punches
  • The book is born of a life in ministry
  • The systematic approach to the subject unfolds a clear path to the problem while showing the resolution

The Layout


Pastor Martin provides a slightly more granular layout without the following 3 areas: “Warnings Against Ministerial Backsliding”, “Warnings Against Ministerial Burnout”, “Warnings Against Credibility Washout each area is fleshed with experience and insight. 

This is a Helpful Book

While it is aimed squarely and apologetically at Pastors this is a practical book for all Christians.  Very little found within these pages is relegated to the minister.

I believe the following quote characterizes the tenor of the entire book:

“The real cause for their condition lay in their failure to recognize that they were men of flesh and blood.  For all intents and purposes, they were seeking to serve God and their people as though the were disembodied spirits like angles”

The above stated, much of the help that this book provides is in plotting a path towards a more realistic life and ministry, including a more realistic following of God as blood filled flesh wearers.  So I say, if you’re not a pastor – but you struggle to follow God well as a fallen creature pick this book up for practical and graceful help.  But, be prepared it pulls no punches and calls you to apply effort to your sanctification and growth.  This is not a snivel fest that will leave you with the conclusion that you’re a victim of your schedule and that’s just fine, rather it will give you encouragement to push on and grow.


Grace and peace,


Pastor John Weathersby