Turn Back To Jesus

Does What We Believe About God Matter?

Often we hear consensus rule when it comes to God.  The culture agrees how Jesus would handle something, which oddly is exactly how they prefer things handled, and so then God’s will has been determined.  However consensus is a bad way to determine truth – this is why God gave us scripture.

Turning Back

We studied from Hebrews 1:8-14 and followed the argument that Jesus is higher than the angles.  The following week we followed the argument that Jesus is God.  What is intriguing is that God is coming to a people who’ve turned away from worship of Christ in His church and who are turning back to temple worship and law.  Within the first two verses of the book to the Hebrews God has begun to tell them about Jesus deity.

You can see the entire study online where you’ll study all of Hebrews 1:8-14 with us by clicking the image below:

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Grace and peace,

Pastor John