Truth & Value

“Paul lived a life that shows the message of The Gospel’s truth and value

2 Corinthians 4.:1-5:21 gives an example of the truth and value of the gospel that Paul points to through his weakness and failure.

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Not Hiding

Paul doesn’t hide a way his foolishness nor his mistakes, rather he takes an opportunity to highlight them so that he can show the glory of God. The Corinthians have doubted his Apostleship because of his seeming lack of success and Paul uses this as an opportunity to call them to seeing the unseen reality of God’s glory that will greatly out weigh our afflictions in this life.

Making Much Of God

And so Paul uses their doubt in him as an opportunity to point more clearly to God. But more than that, he uses their doubt as and opportunity to point to the great truth and value of the message of the gospel because of the hardship he himself is willing to endure. But to what end? I’m glad you asked that astute question – so that people would see that they too through their afflictions and a) rely on God and b) share from their weakness in drawing other to the saving grace of God in Christ.

And so we as New Testament believers in Christ get to share from our weakness too. Have you taken the opportunity to be a Christian in front of others recently? Here are some ways:

  1. Have you ever apologized to anyone at your work, or do you always have an excuse?
  2. Talk about your weekend when everyone else is, and discuss having gone to your church.
  3. Brag on how awesome someone at church is with people who don’t attend church.
  4. Mention God in casual conversation.

Church Paul says we’re ministers of reconciliation – that’s amazing, he says we’re fragile yet full of valuable treasure – and he says in 2 Corinthians 4:18 that we look not to the seen but the unseen!

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Grace and peace,

Pastor John


Truth and Value from TranscendChurch on Vimeo.