John Weathersby is a Christian Church pastor and church planter in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Originally from Western North Carolina and South Florida – John has traveled a lot and now loves living in  and pastoring in Harrisburg PA. John is into family, Theology, and technology.

He is a husband of one wife, father of 5 awesome children, holder of a reformed view of scripture (you can freely ask about that if you’re interested), an Apple user (iPhone and computer) and is interested in fun/awesome life hacks.

John enjoys pastoring at Transcend and enjoys serving God in the city of Harrisburg.  John truly believes that by grace God saves in Christ’s work, that lives are legitimately changed when the gospel is applied, faith is realized, and that salvation is freely given.

John’s favorite Bible verse (if he MUST pick 1) is Matthew 1:21 because it shows the awesome power of God over life and over salvation.  More specifically John is intrigued by the words of a very sick child’s father here: Mark 9:23–25.  The aim of the Elders and Deacons at Transcend is to Join with God, His community and His purpose John is firmly committed to this end and believes it cannot be attained without affections for God drawn though His living word.  All that Transcend does is aligned to this aim, while serving the vision to “join people to their God, their mission, and their

John serves at Transcend in response to the call of God to plant a Christian Church through the Southern Baptist Convention in Harrisburg Pennsylvania that glorifies God in community.  If you’re interested in joining along side with a church plant in Pennsylvania and working alongside Christ in Glorifying God in Community, we’d like to meet you!  Join us at 1801 State St. Harrisburg PA, 17103

John can be found online at @johnrweathersby or you can email him, here [email protected]