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A synopsis from last Sunday’s Sermon

Psalm 119:129-136

Psalm 119:129-136 was a study on the Authority of Scripture and law keeping.   We first looked at Biblical evidence for the authority of Scripture, both Old and New Testaments as we worked our way into the Psalm.  We said that: Keep The Law Psalm 119:129-136Understanding scriptures authority will: change how you interact with scripture, change how you understand God, and give strength to your spiritual life This known, our study of Psalm 119 showed the Psalmist experience the range of emotions that the Christian experiences, today - highs lows and everything in between.  However, knowing that Scripture is an unchanging [...]

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Knowing Jesus’ God Ordained Mission

As we moved on from our 4 year study through Melchizedek with John Nicholas, we came to chapter 8:1-6 which builds on the topic of the High Priest.  Here we see that: Jesus is our High Priest The High Priesthood continues today, in Jesus That we're a kingdom of Priests How We View Jesus' Mission Matters How we understand Jesus' God ordained mission, matters.  It shapes how we see our role on earth as Christians.  It shapes how we live our lives day in and day out. It shapes how we present and even personally understand our own salvation.  Jesus' [...]

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Every Single One – Hebrews 2:5-13

Every. Single. One. The way for all to know God.   As we continued through into Hebrews 2, we came to verses 5-13 which focus in on Jesus' sacrifice for sin.  Many themes that were attention grabbing were leveraged - most specifically that Jesus was made perfect for salvation.  This feels odd after seeing the deity of Christ earlier in the book.  But as we stuck with the text we saw it demonstrating that Jesus was made perfectly able to be sacrifice for every sin and for all people.   Every. Single. One We drew the difference between salvation of [...]

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Drifting Away – Hebrews 2:1-4

Drifting Away Standing on a solid message of salvation and at odds with culture.   This Sunday’s sermon was in Hebrews chapter 2 vs 1-4. Leading into this chapter the author was pointing to Jesus as being God’s final revelation to the world. Naturally, considering that the readers/hearers are turning away from Jesus, the writer warns them that they must pay attention to what they have heard. In other words, this message of salvation through Christ on the Cross is so great that they cannot afford to ignore it. Using the image of an object drifting down a stream, passing [...]

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Turn Back – Hebrews 1:8-14

Turn Back To Jesus Does What We Believe About God Matter? Often we hear consensus rule when it comes to God.  The culture agrees how Jesus would handle something, which oddly is exactly how they prefer things handled, and so then God's will has been determined.  However consensus is a bad way to determine truth - this is why God gave us scripture. Turning Back We studied from Hebrews 1:8-14 and followed the argument that Jesus is higher than the angles.  The following week we followed the argument that Jesus is God.  What is intriguing is that God is coming [...]

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In The Foxhole with Jesus

In The Foxhole with Jesus "James Montgomery Boice wrote that 'If you understand those two words—’but God’—they will save your soul. If you recall them daily and live by them, they will transform your life completely'"... When we understand the driving force behind "fear of God" then we can understand Jesus encouragement to, in one breath fear God, and in the other relax. Jesus' Kingdom We studied from Matthew starting in chapter 10:27 where Jesus speak so fear.  He encourages them not to fear people like them, but to fear God?  We talked about fear as an emotional response to [...]

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