THIS Sunday at 10:45am

First time at Transcend?

Don’t want to go alone?  We wouldn’t either…

Maybe you’ve been a few times but you’d like to ask a few questions, tour the property, or connect with some staff and leaders?  We would want to do that…  So here is what we’re thinking, schedule your visit now and we will:

  • reserve a parking spot for you
  • meet you at the front doors
  • introduce you around
  • help you get your kids checked in to children church
  • give you a tour of building
  • sit with you in service

We hope you’ll schedule your visit right now. We can’t wait to meet you.


Wear whatever you want, drink coffee and eat popcorn in the sanctuary, and listen to a chapter-by-chapter book-by-book study each week.

When you attend Transcend Church you WILL be a student of your Bible and year over year, your knowledge of God will grow!  That’s our mission – Connecting people to their God, and God’s people to His mission.

Visit this Sunday @ 10:45am


Our Kids Church has:

  • Age appropriate lessons
  • Engaging dedicated teachers
  • Activities and Snacks
  • …and a focus on children learning from the Bible

Each two years, the kids will have had lessons through the entire Bible, you’ll find Bible saturation is the focus at every level of this church.  It’s how God’s people are introduced to God’s mission.

Just click on the link below and our amazing Plan Your Visit guru will set everything up.


Transcend Church is located on State St. at 1801 State St. Harrisburg PA


If you’re in Harrisburg you probably know the building.  As you’re driving down State –


We do want’ to meet you – and hope you’ll join us!

You can check out all our sermon series online here!