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Live Streaming Service

Church At Home As we continue to live throughout these strange times it looks like we may be worshiping remotely for a time. That said, we wanted to share this post which helps you to get connected on Sunday, know how we worship, how we get prayer requests through, etc. Getting Set Up On Sundays at 10:45am you can find us online here: also at our facebook page As a matter of setting up your home for worship [...]

When I Am Not Feeling It

Recently I preached on Mark 1:32-34.  Knowing that many people in the congregation are going through significant trial and struggle I was compelled to dig in a little deeper to a joy and hope filled life. If you're one of the people at Transcend Church who is going through it and perhaps "not feeling it", please read on.  When the scripture speaks of hope and joy, it does so to the hopeless and joyless as well as the hopeful and [...]

Hard To Get

We're Hard To Get Transcend Church is a hard place to get.  Here is what we mean by that in three parts.  First: Experience: Many people have church backgrounds and these backgrounds can tend to color what we expect to see in all Churches we experience.  Transcend Church is quite often different from people's experience, primarily we think it's the person centric nature of the church environment at large.  Here is what we mean by that, so often churches [...]

Christian Living

Participate In Your Own Growth The Elders and Deacons at Transcend have been discussing Discipleship heavily recently.  Moreover, we've talked about encouraging a deep seated love for The Word of God among the body. As a local church we have a vision and a mission. Vision is the end state - the mission is the path there. Ours are as stated below: Vision: Joining with God, His community, and His purpose. Mission: - Proclaiming God to the City - Developing [...]

the reliability of the new testament from J. Warner Wallace

How Geographic Separation Affirms the Reliability of the New Testament jwallace April 15, 2016 Biblical Reliability, Writings 5,124 Views In the movie, God’s Not Dead 2, I was asked to defend the historicity of Jesus and the eyewitness reliability of the Gospels. Skeptics sometimes claim the New Testament Canon was the creation of 4th Century Catholic Church councils, rather than the reliable preservation of 1st Century disciples of the eyewitnesses. While it’s true the Council of Laodicea (363-364AD) endorsed the [...]

Finding Racial Unity In Harrisburg

Healing Divides In Our Community Recently a friend invited me to a closed-door meeting hosted at Goodwin Memorial Baptist.  The topic of the meeting was surrounding unity in the city of Harrisburg on healing the divides in our communities. This is near and dear to my heart so I went. On Tuesday the 27th of June I joined together with nearly 40 people to discuss the state of relations in our city.  While the conversations around the table were generally tense [...]