Majoring And Minoring

“[…] but I see Paul speaking through some issues, and some gifts that are real to highlight a greater point”

In 1 Corinthians 13 and 14 we’ll look to Paul’s major focus through these minor issues and we’ll avoid majoring in the minors.


Living Lives Focused On God’s Heart For People


As we open these passages we need to remember the greater context of the book. This is written to a church struggling with discipline and order while they’re fading into the culture rather than standing out.

Last week we identified a key passage for the study – this week is the same we’ll find focus in 1st Corinthians 14:12. This is to say that everything Paul will discuss is found within the context of building up the church and to that end God is not limited by natural understandings.


Maybe we need a re-centering when it comes to gifting and specifically tongues. Rather than picking a side, continuation, cessation, or charismaticism we should see what Paul has said and what scripture has demonstrated. And rather than majoring in the gifts, we should major in love and concern for the up-lifting of the church. When we’re concentrated on God’s heart for the world we’ll see Him working through and among us and we’ll be in right relation to the power of God’s spirit – awed.

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Grace and peace,

Pastor John