Church At Home

As we continue to live throughout these strange times it looks like we may be worshiping remotely for a time. That said, we wanted to share this post which helps you to get connected on Sunday, know how we worship, how we get prayer requests through, etc.

Getting Set Up

On Sundays at 10:45am you can find us online here: also at our facebook page

As a matter of setting up your home for worship and maintaining normalcy consider treating your Sunday like this:

  1. set up a central place for the stream for your family
  2. have Bibles out and find the main passage
  3. play a time of worship – we’re going to be publishing play lists on Spotify and youtube
  4. set aside the Bible study portion of your Sunday, remember this is how we curch now
    1. share our live(s) so your friends
    2. text the church – let us know your here and listening
    3. share pictures of your home worship with people – Jesus is STILL king, lets show Him as Lord in these times too
  5. consider setting up the live to your TV and have this time be dedicated to Bible study together


Do you need help setting up the live stream text 949-379-6827

Want to share a prayer request text 949-379-6827

Want to share a praise report or pic of your home worship 949-379-6827

Let us know how we can make this guide more helpful!  Any topics to cover, or would you like to hear a podcast/discussion of a specific topic, you guessed it, text us 949-379-6827