As we moved on from our 4 year study through Melchizedek with John Nicholas, we came to chapter 8:1-6 which builds on the topic of the High Priest.  Here we see that:

  • Jesus is our High Priest
  • The High Priesthood continues today, in Jesus
  • That we’re a kingdom of Priests

How We View Jesus’ Mission Matters

How we understand Jesus’ God ordained mission, matters.  It shapes how we see our role on earth as Christians.  It shapes how we live our lives day in and day out. It shapes how we present and even personally understand our own salvation.  Jesus’ mission must be defined carefully and Biblically and the writer of Hebrews, often called “The Pastor” does so carefully in verses 1-6 of chapter 8.

Join us as we study this important section of scripture using the link below:

Grace and peace,

Pastor John