Homosexuality and God

This book was of interest to me, as I am personally in the middle of working through a book on Sexuality, Gender Identity, and how each is shaped by God. I came to this book with a cold stoic academic approach not realizing how tense and deeply personal it would be.

While it isn’t long, it is contemplative. The author shares from his personal struggles and where he has landed, while remaining Biblically honoring and consistent.  This is an issue here in Harrisburg PA just like it’s an issues all over the globe, people are grasping to understand sexuality and emotion is muddying the pot.

If you’re reading this review I assume it’s for one of 3 reasons, and be honest with yourself in categorizing, you:

  • You’re afraid or Confused about your own sexuality
  • You want to know where the Church is in it’s contemplation of sexuality
  • You’re homophobic and hateful towards gays and want to see if a pastor will back you up (I wont)

This book will challenge you, without regard to your approach or predisposition(s). The book remains respectful in it’s presentation. It is hugely important for the Christian to have thoughtfully derived a position from carefully approached contemplation of sexuality and gender in accordance with scripture as this is an issue of our day and in our world. As such we should desire to love our neighbors and understand God’s revelation regarding sexuality and gender.

No matter which of the 3 you are, I do suggest you read this book. Read it slowly, and read it in the authors voice (especially if your own voice is cynical) to fully appreciate his heart’s-cry.

If you’re a Christian I BEG of you, get comfortable with sexuality and sexual confusion.  Just as the elementary school student MUST move on from potty humor; the Christian must mature regarding sexuality.  We must mature and we must have solid God centric God honoring ideas, thoughts, and positions regarding sexuality.  Put the jokes aside, put the unnecessary ribbing aside and consider this issue of sexuality and gender identity in the light of eternity, not in the misty light of a high school locker room.

Follow his logic through the Biblical position and pray on the ideas yourself. If you are NOT a Christian but have questions about this topic, please contact me on twitter, at Church, or Starbucks, etc.

In the end, I say you should read this one – no matter who you are!

Grace and peace,

Pastor John