In The Foxhole with Jesus

“James Montgomery Boice wrote that ‘If you understand those two words—’but God’—they will save your soul. If you recall them daily and live by them, they will transform your life completely’“…

When we understand the driving force behind “fear of God” then we can understand Jesus encouragement to, in one breath fear God, and in the other relax.

Jesus’ Kingdom

We studied from Matthew starting in chapter 10:27 where Jesus speak so fear.  He encourages them not to fear people like them, but to fear God?  We talked about fear as an emotional response to situations that is ultimately designed to keep you safe.

Jesus here speaks of fear in the same way – the fear that Jesus enacts is one that is designed to make us se God, repent of sin and trusting in our own understanding, and be driven to the cross of Christ for redemption.  And so we are to fear God, and be appropriately moved by that fear – Jesus places us in the foxhole, where there are no atheists.

Matthew 10:27-31

Is an encouragement to us not to gloss over fear of God, but rather to be encouraged by God’s great goodness and be saved.  Then to remember that great injunction in Scripture, “but God” and be encouraged into daily transformed and transformative living in our own home as we go about Harrisburg in our daily lives.

You can see the entire study below where you’ll study all of Matthew 18:21-35 with us. Also, we’d love for you to visit Transcend Church Harrisburg 10:45 Sunday(s) 1801 State St. Harrisburg.

Grace and peace,

Pastor John