Healing Divides In Our Community

Recently a friend invited me to a closed-door meeting hosted at Goodwin Memorial Baptist.  The topic of the meeting was surrounding unity in the city of Harrisburg on healing the divides in our communities.

This is near and dear to my heart so I went.

On Tuesday the 27th of June I joined together with nearly 40 people to discuss the state of relations in our city.  While the conversations around the table were generally tense at times the general tenor of the room was one looking for solutions around tough issues.

What Are We To Do

There was much to say around specific issues such as trash in the city and educational opportunities.  There were also other more immediately actionable suggestions such as: involvement in specific committees, partnerships with existing nonprofits functioning in the city, and fellowship across the table among the people in the room.

If you know me, you know that last one was my idea. I cannot imagine a group of people who’ve never spent time together with folks of a different hue calling a diverse community to unity.

That said, I am actively seeking fellowship and unity with the people in the room?

Please pray

  1. That God would bless this time spent in the room.
  2. That God would begin to grow relationships among those in the room.
  3. For opportunities for our church to be a beacon for reconciliation in the city

It was mentioned that there are many nonprofits in the city and a deeper awareness among the nonprofits would be beneficial.  Recently the Transcend Project began an initiative tasked with this very thing. Our second meeting of the Transcend Project’s nonprofit lunch is Thursday July 6th and will focus on specific issues that the group identified in the initial meetings.  Moreover we seek at each of these meetings to find stories of people doing great things in our community.

These are exciting times and God has us here, in our times, addressing our issues for His glory.

Grace and peace,

Pastor John Weathersby