We’re Hard To Get

Transcend Church is a hard place to get.  Here is what we mean by that in three parts.  First:

Many people have church backgrounds and these backgrounds can tend to color what we expect to see in all Churches we experience.  Transcend Church is quite often different from people’s experience, primarily we think it’s the person centric nature of the church environment at large.  Here is what we mean by that, so often churches cater to individuals directly.  There are church ministries for nearly every kind of people group.  Youth age, there is a group.  Young no kids there is a group. Young and married with kids, or without kids – there are different groups for that.  Older married, kids out of the house – group.  Older widowed there’s a group.  So the church becomes about people and catering to every phase of life so that you’ll come to THIS church.

If this is your experience you’ll be disappointed at Transcend Church.  At our website called Don’t Go we attribute this to being a “young phase church plant”.


Transcend Church has no salaried positions.  This means NO ONE at the church makes money for their service it’s all servant (or volunteer) run.  Everything from preaching and teaching through building maintenance and cleaning is people in service to God.

This said, if your experience or notion of the church functionally looks like the church working hard to keep you happy (and this is hard to identity in ourselves) then you will NOT be happy here.

Rather as a church we start from Scripture, we want to be a beacon in our area for scriptural study, Biblical community, and worship.  This is at the center of the Christian life and experience – and we’d love you to join in with us as a learner and worshipper – no matter who you are now.