Drifting Away

Standing on a solid message of salvation and at odds with culture.


This Sunday’s sermon was in Hebrews chapter 2 vs 1-4. Leading into this chapter the author was pointing to Jesus as being God’s final revelation to the world. Naturally, considering that the readers/hearers are turning away from Jesus, the writer warns them that they must pay attention to what they have heard. In other words, this message of salvation through Christ on the Cross is so great that they cannot afford to ignore it. Using the image of an object drifting down a stream, passing the point of no return, the author counsels the readers to turn back to Jesus.


Turning Back

Overall these verses tell us that once we believe in Christ as Lord and Savior we are responsible to work out our salvation Philippians 2:12 and that we were not meant to be passive recipients of all of God’s grace. In fact upon receipt of the grace of salvation we should be ever striving in our own sanctification, putting to death the sin in our lives, to show that conducting (living) a life worthy of the gospel Philippians 1:27

You can see the entire study online where you’ll study all of Hebrews 2:1-4 with us by clicking the image below:

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Grace and peace,

Pastor John