Dirty God by Johnnie Moore

How I found this book:

I purchased this book a while ago (like when it came out) I’ve started and put it down several times.  This is not because it wasn’t a good book, in fact this book has a great message.  More about what took me so long with this book later (I don’t want to discourage you from reading it).

What I liked

  • It was laser focused on it’s point, grace should compel us to love
  • It was jam-packed with personal illustrations that really brought the concepts to life
  • It’s greatest illustration carried a personal failure forward and redeemed it through calling us all to more

“Dirty God”, comes out of the corner swinging.  It really doesn’t take a seat on the stool to swish with water or to have knots over the eye pressed back down.  It stays out in front delivering hay-makers for God’s glory and calls us on to be motivated by great grace, to great works.  It is very James-like.
I appreciated Moore’s honesty.  He is not presented like a guy with the answers, rather like a guy that sees the answer and is working along side us all toward the same end.

I specifically appreciated his illustration that placed a poor child from India into your heart and mind to drive home a great point  we don’t have the fix the worlds problems, we just have to care.

While I liked it…

while ultimately I liked the book, I think it took so long to read because it was just subject matter, chapter-after-chapter.  Each didn’t feed the next, it didn’t’ seem to progress.  The book just seemed to paint the same picture over and over.  Albeit with different strokes, but ultimately the same picture.  Ultimately I’m thankful for much of Johnny’s points and for his heart on grace and the world and I share his desire that people would be motivated by Jesus example and roll up their selves rather than looking to our churches to rub their shoulders.

Ultimately, I recommend this book if you’re looking to be challenged to beef up your walk.