“Can I Really Trust The Bible”

And other questions about Scripture, truth and how God speaks:

I purchased this book from the book publisher “The Good Book Company” from a series of books of theirs that I’m growing to very much like “Questions Christs Ask

What I Liked


There was much to like about this book, first a few mechanical points.

  1. The layout was compelling and drew me in (this of course has nothing to do with anything, but I like good design)
  2. There is a near final (but not final) conclusion / wrap-up of the points on page 65 that helps re-engage the mind with the entirety of the argument(s)
  3. The author leverages many excellent illustrations over simply presenting doctrine, this gives feet to the arguments and helps to solidify the reader with ability to understand the arguments for applications sake
  4. It was overall very practical and reachable for the lay-reader

The Layout

This is a 5 chapter book presented in a building way – which lands on a final conclusion (spoiler alert) you must be engaged with The Word of God, not to validate it – but to most fully appreciate it.  Here are the 5 chapters:

  1. Does the Bible claim to be God’s word
  2. Does the Bible claim to be God’s word
  3. Does the Bible seem to be God’s word (consistency)
  4. Does the Bible seem to be Gods word (cannon)
  5. Does the Bible prove to be God’s word

A Great Balance

This book is a great balance.  I say that because while it is a book available to the lay person, it is a thinking persons book.  It does not, lay the proverbial cookies within an arms reach, it demands thought and consideration through terms found commonly in theological discussion.  That said, if theology as a study is completely new to you, you’ll be challenged by some of the words, but it’s a worthy challenge.

The Book is clearly designed to be actively used, each chapter concludes with a wrap up, final points, illustrations, and conclusions with questions.  At the end there are several notes pages.  I recommend any believer who is curious to dabble in what scripture is – pick up this book.  Moreover, I’d recommend people more advanced in their knowledge of scripture pick this book for an example of communicating a Theology of inerrancy in an an attainable and challenging way.