Aroma Of Gospel

“[…]you’re the sent & scent of the gospel as you speak about God”

2 Corinthians 2:12-3:18 shows Paul’s care for how the Christians live their lives shows the plan of God for our testomonies.


Be Scent Of Transformation


We must not burry our testimony.  We should be willing and excited to share from our lives, all that God has done in us, and all that God has done for us.  The things that God has healed us of and from, the things that God is still at work in us doing are those things others struggle with.  We have opportunity to invite others into the grace of God through our story.


The church is often saddled with responsibility for doing outreach and reaching people far from God.  But here is the secret – the church cannot do that.  Not in a direct since.  The church is her people, and as her people share transformation with others, and talk about God with others – then the Church reaches people.

This summer we have TONS of opportunity to reach others – here is a snippet of our upcoming events we’d love to have you attend them all and be that aroma!

Happenings at Transcend Church this Summer

You can see the entire study below. Also, we’d love for you to visit Transcend Church Harrisburg 10:45 Sunday(s) 1801 State St. Harrisburg.

Grace and peace,

Pastor John