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a Bible based, Southern Baptist Church in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, a Church Plant, Transcend Church. This church is one of the Churches in Harrisburg, weekly spending time in the Bible. We say HARRISBURG AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. And we desire that to be our reality as we study the Bible. At Transcend Church Harrisburg we're working to understand God's calling on our lives, our calling on us as a Church in Harrisburg and our calling together with the other Churches in Harrisburg. Transcend Church is a Baptist Church in Harrisburg, specifically Southern Baptist

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Visit us at 1801 State St Harrisburg, baptist churches Harrisburg PA


Why Transcend Church

Joining with God, His community, and His purpose.

We are a Baptist church in the City of Harrisburg because we love it.  We are a church committed to reaching our immediate neighbors as well as Harrisburg at large.  People of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds are encouraged to learn what the Bible says about faith and the role of the Church.  As one of the Churches in Harrisburg we take seriously our need to fulfill the great commission, will you join us?
Transcend Church Harrisburg
Sundays at Transcend Church

Sunday morning is BOTH a great time for connecting with friends and a great opportunity to connect with future friends for the first time.

At Transcend we’re not trying to be different – we’re simply seeking to be about authentically following after Jesus, loving God, and living together as a community.

We have classes in small group format on Sunday mornings @ 9:30am, Church service at 10:45am. During these times, we also have classes for kids and a staffed nursery.

Teaching at Transcend Church

Every Sunday we open the Bible and study to learn more about God.  Currently we’re in the book of Hebrews in a series called “Jesus Is Enough“.  Join together with us Sunday at 10:45am as we study from scripture to better understand God’s will for our lives.

Below at the Sermon Library tab you’ll find a link which will bring you to our most recent sermon(s) and series.

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1801 State St. Harrisburg, PA 17103
Sundays 9:30am-12:00pm