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Harrisburg Home Fellowship Bible Study
Transcend Church
Harrisburg diverse church community
Fellowship & Unity

Harrisburg Church Community

Born from a need for tight fellowship, authentic relationship, and a deep need to live and breath the life giving love of Jesus for humanity! At Transcend we seek to partner with you in engaging our Culture with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

We seek to be a community of people living together around Biblical theology transcending and defying ideas of racial, socioeconomic segmentation.

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Harrisburg Study of The Book of Luke
The Book of Luke
Harrisburg Church worship in Luke

Certain Faith in The Book of Luke

Luke's gospel (or narrative) is hard hitting and close to home for us today. Onto stage of Luke's world Jesus walks front and center.  He lives his life within this world straining notions of status, success, and social norms. 

Luke encourages us not simply by proving that the events we've learned about are historical facts - rather, Luke gives us insight into Jesus' teaching, Jesus' heart, and Jesus mind #certainFaith.

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  • Fellowship

    More than being in proximity - we're close, praying, sharing Christ, and bearing one anothers burden's! We are excited and full of Gospel praise. Read More
  • Ethnic Unity

    We are man and woman, neither Greek nor Jew, black nor white. The gospel transcends these surface and cultural differences. Read More
  • Biblical Truth

    The Bible is the only way we can know God, and as such it MUST be true or we cannot know God. We seek to know God's will for our lives Read More
  • Depth

    We seek to do well what Jesus said to disciple. A marker of discipleship is depth and maturity we strive to purposefully disciple, well. Read More
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