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Preparing For Growth

Preparing for Biblical Growth

This week in Harrisburg we charted a plan for preparing for Biblical growth from James 5:7.


Preparing For Biblical Growth James 5:7


Making the Field Ready For Biblical Growth

Harrisburg, we need to prepare as members of the Church for the growth that James calls us to.  We see that our growth is a work of God.  We've seen as we've studied from the Book of James that our character in comparison of God's leaves us needful of salvation. 

We know that Christ is our reconciliation to God and our perfect offering for our many sins.  However, we also see James encouraging us in two major ways:

  1. Looking to our lives for signs of regeneration (our salvation)
  2. Preparing our lives for greater fruit of our salvation to the glory of God

In working towards preparing our lives for greater fruit we studied from James 5:7 and accepted a challenge as a church.


To actively participate in our growth


In seeking to actively participate in going after our Biblical growth we've created the tool below for you to apply to your life for one week as a temperature gauge.

The tool provides:

  • Weeding Questions,
  • Plowing Actions, and 
  • Questions to Ponder and Pray About

The Biblical Growth Tool for James 5:7 is intended to assist you in clearing your field of weeds, seeing your image the mirror of God's character, and seeking to go after holiness.  Download it below and let us know how God is working in your life in the comments!



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